Comic Potential: Further Reading

This page contains details of publications & articles relating to Comic Potential. The information is for research & the website cannot provide copies of the articles listed.

Published Editions

Comic Potential
Faber, 1999, ISBN 0571197876
Comic Potential
Samuel French Ltd, 2006, ISBN 0573110611


Paul Allen: A Pocket Guide to Alan Ayckbourn’s Plays
pp.183-190 (Faber & Faber, 2004, ISBN 0571214924)
Paul Allen: Alan Ayckbourn - Grinning at the Edge*
pp.300-303 (Methuen, 2001, ISBN 0413731200)
Albert Reiner Glaap: Ayckbourn Country – Second Edition*
pp.175-182 (Wissenschaftlicher Verlag Trier, 2004)


Back To The Future
Simon Murgatroyd, Scarborough Evening News, 13 May 1998
Knight Scenes
Lynda Murdin, Yorkshire Post, 22 May 1998
Love And A Lady Robot
Dave Windass, The Big Issue, 8 June 1998
Is That A Sci-Fi Play I Spy?
Mark Fisher, The Herald, 19 June 1998
May The Dark Farce Be With You
Heather Neill, Sunday Telegraph, 3 October 1999
King Of Dark Comedy
Bryan Appleyard, Sunday Times, 3 October 1999
Ayckbourn Sees Future For Humour
John Moore, Denver Post, 3 March 2003

Reviews: World Premiere

Tim Richardson, Country Life, 30 July 1998
Comic Potential
Daily Mail, 12 June 1998
Ayckbourn Blasts Back To The Future On Gales Of Laughter
Charles Spencer, Daily Telegraph, 8 June 1998
Ayckbourn's Robotic Hit
Robert Gore-Langton, Express, 6 June 1998
Ayckbourn And The Paranoid Androids
Michael Billington, The Guardian, 6 June 1998
A Case of Funny Money
Georgina Brown, Mail On Sunday, June 1998
A Movie Buff's Dream
Simon Murgatroyd, Scarborough Evening News, 5 June 1998
Comic Potential
David Jeffels, The Stage, 18 June 1998
Nothing Personal
John Peter, Sunday Times, 14 June 1998
Robo-Soap Humour Dulled By Mechanics Of The Plot
Benedict Nightingale, The Times, 6 June 1998
Comic Potential
Yorkshire Evening Press, 5 June 1998
Comic Potential
Lynda Murdin, Yorkshire Post, 6 June 1998

Reviews: London Premiere

Robot Soap Has Janie In A Lather
Robert Gore-Langton, Daily Express, 14 October 1999
Ayckbourn Android Has Star Potential
Michael Coveney, Daily Mail, 14 October 1999
Android's Masterclass In Comic Timing
Charles Spencer, Daily Telegraph, 15 October 1999
Ayckbourn's World Of Robots Is A Virtual Comic Delicacy
Nicholas de Jongh, Evening Standard, 14 October 1999
Acting Out The Mechanics Of The Human Soap
Sarah Hemming, Financial Times, 18 October 1999
Comic Potential
Michael Billington, The Guardian, 18 October 1999
Artificial Intelligence
Paul Taylor, The Independent, 18 October 1999
The Robots Showed Few Signs Of Life
Maeve Walsh, Independent On Sunday, 17 October 1999
Comic Potential
Mail On Sunday, 17 October 1999
Comic Potential
James Inverne, Metro, 18 October 1999
Comic Potential
The Observer, 24 October 1999
This Sceptered Aisle
John Simon, New York Times, 7 February 2000
Comic Potential
Peter Roberts, Plays International, December 1999
Comic Potential
Edward Pearce, The Scotsman, 19 October 1999
Winning Strategy
Patrick Carnegy, The Spectator, 23 October 1999
Comic Potential
Sunday Telegraph, 17 October 1999
Comic Potential
John Peter, Sunday Times, 24 October 1999
Comic Potential
Peter Hepple, The Stage, 21 October 1999
Comic Potential
Dominic Cavendish, Time Out, 22 October 1999
Ayckbourn's Soapy Androids
Benedict Nightingale, The Times, 15 October 1999
Comic Potential
Roger Foss, What's On, 22 October 1999

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